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TiSO offers its customers a wide range of turnstiles, which makes it possible to organize comfortable and controlled access for any organization from all areas and industries. The model range includes products from compact ones that will fit in the passages where they will be installed, due to the need to leave enough space for people to pass. In places where the width of the passage allows, and the needs of letting in large flows of people or transportation of large goods require the installation of a more massive control point capable of providing this, then a swing or flap types of speed gates will be the best solution.

The key difference of this types of speed gates is the presence of single or two paired leaves, or blades - right and left, which move synchronously and open a wide passage - up to 2100 mm wide. This is enough to transport almost any goods that can be brought into the premises. Such speed gates will be surprisingly effective in the event of an emergency evacuation - leaves of the speed gate will open automatically, providing free entrance of the people without any risks.



Technologically, two leafs speed gates are not much different from single-leaf ones, but their design is more durable and reliable. All operating modes are available for speed gates turnstiles, and they can be controlled either automatically, remotely or manually. It is crucial to have an "anti-panic" mode when the exit from the premises or territory is constantly open, due to the main purpose of such turnstiles - to provide high throughput.

In addition to the standard identification of visitors, we offer biometric security systems that usually installed as an additional equipment - this method of entrance control is much more advanced and can reliably protect an office or institution from unauthorized access under any circumstances. Biometric parameters of a person cannot be faked, unlike passes or certificates, thats why biometric security systems are so important .

TiSO technically solves any complex problem. And quality control on the manufactoring strengthens increases the reliability of the any type of turnstile: speed gates, tripod, swing gates, etc.



Our managers will help you to make a successful purchase of turnstile of the proper model and modification, with all the options you need and taking into account your preferences. You can contact our managers by phone, by mail, or by filling in a form here.