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In today's world, where security is an important priority for businesses, turnstiles are becoming an inseparable part of access control systems. The difference between TiSO is that it offers not just products, but solutions to ensure safety and comfort indoors and outdoors.

TiSO's speed gates can operate in various modes, including contactless mode, which provides maximum comfort for users. Turnstiles provide fast and continuous performance without disrupting the flow of people passing through them.



One of the main advantages of TiSO's products is that its turnstiles have the option of being equipped with biometric scanning, which provides the highest level of security and protection against unauthorized access. In addition, the use of biometric technology reduces the risk of losing cards or keys that can be copied and used by intruders.

TiSO turnstiles are an perfect solution for companies that have a high intensity of incoming and outgoing flows of people, as they provide fast and continuous passage. Also, TiSO products can be integrated with various access systems, which ensures their multipurpose and flexible use.

Thanks to the use of the latest technologies and experience in the security industry, TiSO can guarantee the highest level of protection and comfort for users. Its products meet all modern quality and safety standards, which ensures their reliability and long-term operation.



In addition, TiSO's products have many additional features that allow them to be used in any climate and for a variety of purposes. For example, turnstiles can be equipped with a heating or cooling system to operate in cold or hot climates.

One of the main advantages of TiSO products is that they are environmentally friendly and harmless to human health. The company's turnstiles do not emit any harmful radiation and have no negative impact on the environment, which makes them an ideal solution for any premises.

So, if you need a reliable and safe access turnstiles, TiSO is the perfect choice. Its products meet all modern quality and safety standards, and have many additional features that provide an additional level of protection and convenience. By choosing TiSO products, you will ensure safety and comfort for all visitors to your premises or territory.