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In today's pace of life, speed and mobility are becoming increasingly important aspects for many people. The increase in the vehicle industry and the mobility of vehicles poses a challenge to our society to ensure road safety. Road blockers are one of the important elements that contribute to the control and regulation of traffic. In this article, we will discuss hydraulic road blockers from TiSO, their functions, advantages and importance in ensuring road safety.

Hydraulic road blockers are automatic equipment that are installed in or on the road to control and restrict vehicle access. They operate on the basis of a hydraulic system that ensures reliable raising and lowering of the blocker using a special hydraulic drive. The main function of hydraulic road blockers is to restrict traffic on a specific section of the road.


Why are hydraulic road blockers needed?

Hydraulic road blockers are important elements of road safety and have several important applications. They can be used to control traffic on parking spaces, inner city streets, restricted access areas, and other places where controlling traffic is crucial. Hydraulic barriers are also used to create stopping zones, prevent unauthorized passage, and protect important facilities from possible threats.



Benefits of buying hydraulic road blockers from TiSO

TiSO is one of the leading manufacturers of road blockers, including hydraulic models. Their experience and professionalism in the field of road safety and control makes them a confident choice for buyers.

 The main advantages of buying hydraulic road blockers from TiSO include:

• High quality: TiSO products go through the highest quality and safety standards. Hydraulic barriers are made of durable materials, which ensures their durability and reliability.

• Flexibility in customization: TiSO's hydraulic road blockers can be customized to meet specific customer needs and requirements. They can be programmed to operate in different modes, depending on the traffic control needs.

• Aesthetic design: TiSO barriers have a modern and aesthetically pleasing design that complements the appearance of any installation site. Their ergonomics and invisibility when not raised add the convenience and aesthetics. 

Hydraulic road blockers from TiSO are a reliable and effective way to ensure road safety and traffic control. If you are interested in purchasing such a system or would like to receive additional information, we recommend that you contact TiSO managers who will be happy to help you with the selection and consultation.