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Every year, hundreds of cases of pedestrian collisions occur on sidewalks and pedestrian zones around the world. Thousands of people are killed and tens of thousands are seriously injured. TiSO High Security Bollards can help prevent this.

It is extremely important to provide security at places with a high risk of terrorist attack, such as: sports events, pedestrian areas, squares, as well as government offices and border checkpoints. A high security bollards can reduce the risk of a terrorist attack on a vehicle to zero.

Bollards are also perfect for controlling the territory and preventing unauthorized access of vehicles. And thanks to their ergonomic design, they will be a great addition to the exterior of city streets, business centers, sports complexes, shopping centers, etc.

TiSO company has a wide range of high security bollards: fixed, automatic and removable bollards with different levels of safety. The maximum configuration of bollard, guaranteed to be able to stop a truck weight of 7 tons at speeds up to 80 km / h, while still maintaining its performance.

Let's take a look at different types of bollard and their applications:

1. Automatic high security bollard - provides a high level of security, and also allows you to organize the passage of vehicles. Most often, this type of bollard is used in parking lots, checkpoints and other places with a large flow of cars.

2. Fixed high security bollard- provides a high level of protection against collisions in pedestrian areas. It is installed in places where the passage of vehicles is not required, but with a large number of people, for example: alleys, the area in front of the shopping center, etc.

3. Removable high security bollard - provides a high level of protection against ramming, while being easily removed to provide temporary access for vehicles. Installed in places where you need temporary passage of vehicles: sports complexes, shopping areas, etc.

4. A frequent and effective solution is to combine different types of bollards in one place. Thus, a combination of automatic and stationary bollard, will allow you not only to secure a large area from terrorist attacks, but also allow you to organize the passage to your territory.

All TiSO bollards are tested according to international ASTM and IWA standards. Also bollards can operate in extreme conditions in the temperature range from -40 to +60 °C.

TiSO's mission is to make life safer. Therefore, we will be happy to help you to find the right solution. You can always contact our managers by phone or mail, or leave your request here.