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Automatic traffic bollards are retractable pillars that restrict the entry and exit of vehicles, to regulate and organize the movement of vehicles on sites and adjacent areas, to organize parking lots and parking spaces.

The bollard has a hydraulic drive, which sets the pillar in motion with the press of a button. In the raised position bollards prevent the passage of vehicles, and in the lowered - the post is at the level of the road surface.

Automatic bollards are often installed in high-traffic areas, where you want to control vehicle access, such as: government offices, office centers, historical and urban sites, hotels, etc.

Often automatic bollards are made of stainless steel, thanks to this, the bollard is not exposed to corrosion and can operate for a long time, even in humid climates. The bollard is equipped with light signals that indicate the position of the bollard. Additionally, there is reflective tape on the sides of the bollard, which is designed to prevent accidents.

In addition to the standard automatic traffic bollard, TiSO manufactures High Security Automatic Bollards.

They have an increased strength and in the maximum configuration can withstand a collision with a truck weighing 7 tons at a speed of 80 km / h, while maintaining performance. All TiSO bollards have been tested in accordance with international standards ASTM F 2656, PAS 68, IWA 14, which guarantees the anti-ramming performance of the bollard. This type of automatic bollard is ideal for areas with a high risk of terrorist attacks, such as: government offices, hospitals, shopping malls, business centers and others.

TiSO provides the ability to customize the bollards to suit individual customer needs. Thus, the material and color of the bollard can be changed to whatever the customer wishes. You can install a bollard heating, which allows the bollard to work in extreme temperature conditions from -40 to +60 °C. An audible signal can also be installed when the bollard is raised and lowered to avoid emergency situations during the operation of the bollard.

TiSO can help you organize and eliminate unauthorized vehicle access to your territory. Learn more about the automatic bollards, their configurations and prices you can from our managers by phone, through the mail, or by leaving your request at the website.