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What can TiSO automatic road blockers do for you? They have so many usages that can make your life easier and safer. Traffic control, eliminating unauthorized access, protection from hit-and-runs and terrorist attacks - TiSO road blockers can provide it all.

What do you need a road blocker for?

Automatic road blockers are used at public, commercial and private sites to restrict unauthorized entry and exit of vehicles, to regulate and organize the movement of vehicles.

It is recommended to install road blockers at sport facilities, state institutions, in front of stores, hotels, big shopping and office centers, health care institutions, at the entrances to cottage settlements, historical sites, industrial and special sites and so on.

Types of the road blockers


The specific feature of this blocker is its ability to be installed directly on the road surface. This blocker can perform several functions at the same time: road blocking to prevent unauthorized access and reducing the speed of passing traffic. This blocker comes in three types: City-Light, anti-ram and mobile.    


Automatic road blockers M30, M40, M50

This type of blockers is able to provide complete protection against unauthorized access and terrorist attacks. The blocker is able to stop a truck weighing 7 tons at a speed of up to 80 km/hour. Automatic blocker was tested according to the international standard ASTM F2656-07. It can be raised in 1.5 seconds instead of the usual 3.5 seconds with EFO system, to provide immediate response to unauthorized access or an attack.



This type of blocker differs in its depth of installation. Instead of the usual 60 cm, the blocker goes into the ground only 20 cm deep, while retaining its full anti-terrorist properties. It has passed BSI PAS 68 and IWA 14-1 crash tests, and is approved to withstand a 7-ton truck at speeds up to 80 kph. It also has an EFO system, which more than doubles the lifting speed, for a quicker response.

As you might have realized, automatic road blockers can perform several functions at the same time, and even save lives in case of hit-and-runs. TiSO is one of the largest manufacturers of automatic road blockers in Ukraine, and we have enough competence in the field of safety and blockers. We hope that this article will help you with the choice of blocker, but if you need help with choosing or more detailed information, you can always consult with our managers by phone, through the mail or leave your request at the website.