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Why do you need retractable bollards?

Every business needs driveway control to control vehicle access. Retractable bollards are capable of blocking the roadway and, if necessary, lowering and creating a passageway for identifiable vehicles.

This type of barrier is just necessary for the passage in front of sports facilities, government agencies, stores, hotels, large shopping and office centers, health facilities, at the entrances to cottage settlements, historical sites, industrial and special sites, etc.  

TiSO has been manufacturing security systems for 26 years. Our automatic bollards have all the necessary functionality to ensure the safety of the territory.

Types of retractable TiSO bollards

TiSO has a wide range of automatic and semi-automatic bollards. When raised, they completely block the way for a vehicle, and at the press of a button, the bollard goes to the lowered state - allowing the passage of vehicles without hindrance.

Automatic bollard - this type of bollard is not only able to prevent the passage of vehicles, but also fits perfectly into the exterior of your building or factory. Bollard is a steel tube of brushed aluminum, or any other metal, with light indication of rising and lowering of the pole. Most often, this type of bollard is used in parking lots, checkpoints and other high traffic areas. This type of pole requires an electrical connection.

Also, automatic bollards are presented in a more durable version, capable of stopping a truck weighing up to 7 tons at speeds up to 80 km/hr. This is confirmed by international tests and certifications ASTM and IWA. With this configuration of bollard, you will not only provide control over the roadway, but also protect yourself from terrorist attacks on trucks.


A semi-automatic bollard can also be a great solution. They are installed in areas where there is no possibility of power supply. Also, this type of bollard is great if you have a small flow of vehicles in your driveway.

Hopefully, this article will help you with your choice of bollard. But if you need help with the choice or more detailed information, you can always consult with our managers by phone or mail, or leave your request here.