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How to secure pedestrian areas at temporary events from terrorist attacks and accidents involving vehicles, while organizing the passage of vehicles when necessary. Such circumstances often arise at sport events, fairs, concerts, national holidays, etc. Concrete blocks, barriers or fixed posts will not be able to fully fulfill all requirements, and in addition it is time consuming and inconvenient. Ideal solution for such cases will be mobile road blocks.

Mobile road blocks are also ideal for vehicle access control in places where there is no possibility of installation in the road surface, or the possible depth of insertion does not exceed 120 mm.

At TiSO mobile road blockers are presented in a series of road blockers Speedbump. Speedbump series is different from other TiSO road blockers that they do not require installation directly into the road surface and the presence of a ramp. Another big plus is that even when the Speedbump is folded, it functions as a speed bump, forcing the driver to slow down, which multiplies the safety on the road.

Consider the two types of mobile road blockers TiSO: Mobile anti-ramming blocker and City-light.


This mobile blocker perfectly performs the function of an obstacle to control vehicle traffic and prevent unauthorized access to the territory. This blocker is fully automatic, having a hydraulic drive, it becomes very easy to control traffic. It is also possible not only to install it on the surface of the road, but also into it.

Mobile anti-ramming blocker

This kind of blocker is able not only to control the speed of traffic and block the way for unauthorized vehicles. It is able to stop a truck, weighing up to 7 tons, at speeds of up to 48 km/h without being installed directly in the road surface, which can save lives in the case of a hit-and-run or a terrorist attack on the vehicle. This performance is confirmed by international tests according to ASTM F2656-07 standards.

Mobile road blockers are an essential part of security at public events and businesses. Because of their type of installation, they are able to provide security from vehicles in almost any condition. You can find out the price of mobile roadblocks from our managers by phone, mail or by leaving a request at our website.