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Why exactly blockers are appreciated and chosen for places that need maximum protection. Road blockers perform the functions of not only ordinary traffic blockers for unauthorized vehicles, parking bollards can also cope with this. TiSO road blockers are chosen due to their reliability and wide degrees of protection against terrorist attacks and truck collisions.

In this post we would like to talk in more detail about the levels of protection of road blockers, their types and certifications that all our anti-ram products pass.

All TiSO crash tests are carried out by CTS according to several international standards: BSI PAS 68: 2013, IWA 14-1: 2013, ASTM F2656-07, ASTM F2656 / F2656-18a and F2656 M-15. CTS has 20 years of experience in crash testing of road safety systems. The company is also accredited by DAkkS of the International Association for Laboratory Accreditation, so the results of CTS crash tests are internationally recognized.

All TiSO anti-ram blockers are divided into three levels of protection: M30, M40 and M50.

M50 is the most powerful and the safest level of protection among all presented. They are able to withstand the impact of a 7.5 ton truck at a speed of 80 km / h, while remaining functional after the crash, so as not to impede the passage of vehicles after an accident. TiSO offers 2 blockers with this level of protection: M50 RB334 and Ultra Shallow RB334-01.

M40 - this type of protection is the most optimal in terms of price / quality. The blockers are able to stop a truck weighing 7.5 tons at a speed of 64 km/h while remaining functional after the collision. As with the M50 level of protection, TiSO offers 2 blockers with this level of protection: M40 324 and Ultra Shallow RB324-01.

M30 is the least powerful security level among all those presented by TiSO. Blockers with this level of protection are able to stop a truck weighing 7.5 tons at a speed of 48 km / h while remaining functional after impact. In contrast to the M50 and M40 blockers, some blockers with the M30 level of protection can be mounted directly on the road surface, for example, like the Speedbump series blockers.

We hope this post was helpful for you to understand the protection levels of TiSO road blockers. And with the choice of the optimal blocker for you, our managers will help you, with whom you can contact by phone, by mail, or by filling the form here.